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FunDoodle Stories from Neverland is a scientifically developed, cognitive program aimed at improving a child's personality through the imaginary world of stories.

Interactive story narration with props and pictures.

We make every story telling session different through use of interesting props / pictures / puppets often made by the children themselves. The additional props help make the story more interesting and create a lasting impression on the young, inquisitive minds.

Role-play & art-craft activities to bring the story alive.

Each of our story session is complemented with art-&-craft activity, drama enactment, games, quiz, puzzles, q&a, etc. related to the featured story.

These additional activities reinforce the important aspects of character, moral and lesson learnt through the story while helping the child grow in confidence and overcome the fear of public speaking.

Discussion on new words introduced in the story.

True to our philosophy - have fun while you learn - we often make an effort at introducing new words / concepts / processes / cultural facts in our stories that the children may not know about. It is then followed up with an interactive discussion to understand the meaning of the newly introduced term along with its expression, usage and context.

Theme-based fun facts & general knowledge exchange.

Our general knowledge exchange hour is a multi-pronged open discussion between the children and the teachers. Here, we discuss facts and other aspects of life while exchanging our diverse experiences.

Inculcate reading habit through a traditional library.

There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book - Dr. Frank Serafini, Award winning children's author and illustrator.

Need we say more?

Our library facility is aimed at bringing the child closer to books at an early stage of life through a regular supply of age-appropriate books.