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FunDoodle Stories from Neverland is a journey that began in 2013 when the founder, Tabeer Kulay, a working mother of a 5 year old then, could not find the right place for her child to enjoy his early years.

Determined to fill the much needed gap between what the children needed and what was available for them, Tabeer found herself engaged in an intense research on the various after school activity ideas & concepts practiced in the advanced parts of the world. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. The result was a fairy-tale themed 10 days summer camp based on the foundation of stories, which turned out to be an instant success with the children.

Towards the later part of 2013, Tabeer officially resigned from her corporate job and took up the challenge of setting up FunDoodle Stories from Neverland as an all season story telling camp that works on the overall communication skills and personality development of children while allowing them to have loads of fun.

Since then, we have stayed faithful to our objective while having conducted over 250 story sessions, 3 super hit theme-based summer camps, more than 25 special events with over 200 children of different age groups across 2 locations in Navi Mumbai.

My son enjoys Fundoodles story & related activities sessions every Saturday.... He is an early reader and now at 4...enjoys reading the age appropriate books from the Fundoodle library and they certainly helps him improve his reading skills!

Shilpa Tom

Last night my son Advay, read out a story from an instruction manual... complete with plots n twists and call outs n dialogues... constructed purely of his imagination!!! Felt so proud n happy! I would give the entire credit to Tabeer's Fundoodle... It's my child's "Happy Place" where he learns to have fun with imagination n creativity.

Neha Kunal Bhandare

Fundoodle is a place where dhruv goes to enjoy, listen to beautiful stories, enact them n hv lots n lots of fun! Along wid the enjoyment he is learning so many new many new things.. its a very good way to learn! Tabeer is doing a very good job!! I like the way she notices little things that children do n appreciates them.. it gives them a boost!!

Dipti Mulay

Kudos to FunDoodle.. I have seen a drastic improvement in my daughter.. Would recommend this to all parents who want to foster hidden talents of their kids.. Appreciate the teaching tools on story telling.. Tabeer proud of you and your initiative of starting FunDoodle.. All the best.

Bhoomika Dalvi

Wonderful and interactive. Naisha is having loads of fun at FunDoodle. She has made many friends too. She looks forward to go to the camp everyday for more and more fun...she has developed a liking for story books..which is really great..thank you are really doing a wonderful job..

Anamika Rai

FunDoodle classes are fun, learning & play all blended together......your unique methodology helps kids open up naturally and explore their full potential.....keep up the good work!!!

Rashmi Priya

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